Like you, we are very pleased to see that the national Covid restrictions are beginning to be lifted.

We are aware of the need to balance the need to keep you and our staff safe from Covid whilst moving towards some form of normality.

As we work this through, please could we ask you to be mindful of the following:

· We have a responsibility to you and our staff to maintain a Covid-safe environment, so please continue to follow the national guidance on social distancing and do not come to the practice if you have any Covid symptoms.

· We are offering face to face appointments where these are clinically necessary as judged by a doctor or nurse but will continue to use phone consultations as a first step in many instances.

· When we refer you to hospital, we make clear the level of clinical urgency of your condition. We are sorry that hospital waiting times can be long but, after we refer you, we have no control over how quickly you are seen.

· We are not responsible for the Covid vaccination programme criteria or administration and are not able to deal with queries about it.

· We are not responsible for the NHS App and have no control over the information that is included on it.

Whilst we appreciate that it can be frustrating when you are not able to find the answers to your questions quickly, please could you appreciate that our team are doing their best to help you but can only do things that are within our control.

Thank you for your help with these matters.