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Covid-19 vaccination programme Brighton and Hove update 9 September 2021

More than 75% of all adults vaccinated in the city

Latest figures show that in Brighton & Hove more than 7 out 10 of all adults have now had their first vaccination.

The data shows that 75.4% of all over 18s have had one dose and 68.2% have now had both vaccinations.

It also sets out that 44% of 18-29 year olds – the last adult group to be become eligible – has already come forward to receive both jabs.

Then in terms of 16 and 17 year olds more than half are already protected with their single dose with hundreds more booked in for appointments this week.

Read more about the roll out of the programme to date.

Brand new film to encourage young people to come forward

With schools and colleges returning for the new term this week, the NHS and partners have been working this week to encourage as many young people as possible to come forward for their vaccine.

16 and 17 year olds are entitled to one vaccine, and anyone aged 17 and three quarters can have both doses.

Just one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine gives protection against the virus, and protects the individual and those around them.

To help encourage those who are still to come forward, Tanya Mawarha, one of the programme’s vaccination champions, has produced a film to speak to young people about the need to get their vaccination.

LGBTQ vaccine buddies

Vaccine buddies - call 01273 234009 or email

The COVID-19 vaccine is your best protection against coronavirus. The vaccines are safe and effective and it is strongly recommended you get vaccinated.

If you are LGBTQ and anxious about attending your vaccination appointment, or have difficulties with getting to a vaccination centre, Switchboard have vaccine buddies to help you.

Their vaccine buddies can support you with booking, finding location times, and can come along to your appointment with you to support you with any issues that may arise during the vaccine process.

Information for anyone needing an AZ vaccine

There is now lower demand for the AstraZeneca vaccine after the younger age groups have been offered the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, however we want to reassure anyone who needs a second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine these are still available.

Vaccination services have supplies for the patients that they know need a second vaccine of AstraZeneca – but it may not always be available at walk in sessions.

Please check the details of what vaccine type is being used at each session on our website before attending to avoid disappointment.

Vaccines approved for use as boosters

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has made a statement today, 09 September 2021, that both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines can be used as safe and effective booster doses.

This follows their use for the initial phases of the vaccination programme.

It will now be for the JVCI to advise on whether booster jabs will be given and if so, which vaccines should be used.

Read more about the plans for an autumn booster roll out.

More information

Much more information about the vaccination programme is available on our website, including details of the services available in each arealatest datastakeholder briefings, answers to frequently asked questions and links to all the national leaflets and materials.

Thank you for your support in helping to keep our local communities updated and informed about this fast-moving and unprecedented vaccination programme.

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