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COVID-19 and Influenza vaccination programme Brighton and Hove update 28 October 2021

Book your teenager’s COVID-19 vaccination now

Parents can book Covid-19 vaccinations for their children online with appointments available over the half-term, as the covid-19 vaccination rollout continues.

Bookings are now open to children, through the online booking system as an additional way to get protected over half-term and beyond.

A number of vaccination centres and services are offering jabs to 12- 15 year olds.

Letters are being sent to parents and guardians of 12 -15-year-olds inviting them to book a vaccination online through the National Booking Service while many families will have already received letters from their child’s school about getting vaccinated.

The booking service provides an additional option for parents to book a vaccine for their child, alongside the schools’ programme which has already vaccinated nearly half a million young people and visited thousands of schools in the UK.

If a child has already been invited through their school, they do not need act on their invite unless parents wish to get their child vaccinated outside of school.

Go online to book your child in today

The roll out of vaccinations to teenagers in schools is going well, with more than 50 schools visited before half term. However, the added option of being able to book your child in via the national booking system ensures no one misses out on this vital protection. We encourage anyone who hasn’t yet received a letter from their school, to book their child in now via the online system or by calling 119.

A special section on our website has been set up to answer common questions: Vaccinations for children and young people aged 12 to 17 – Sussex Health & Care Partnership (

Three ways to get your booster vaccination this week in the city

People who are at greater risk from COVID-19 in Brighton and Hove, including over 50s, those with underlying health conditions, carers and health and social care workers are being called forward to receive booster vaccinations to top up their protection ahead of winter.

Covid-19 booster vaccinations are being offered to people in the eligible categories if they received their second vaccination 182 days (six months and one week) ago.

There are three main ways for eligible people to access their booster vaccination:

1. Use the National Booking System

The NHS will contact you to let you know when you are eligible to use the National Booking System by going online or calling 119.

You may receive a text or a letter inviting you to use the system, where you will be able to log on to the website or book over the phone.

You will be able to see available appointments at vaccination centres, pharmacy led services, and some GP led services.

If you are eligible and it’s been longer than 182 days since your last vaccine dose, but you have not been contacted yet, please try to book your appointment on or if you can’t use the website, by calling 119.

The system is being updated every day, so do not worry if it currently says you are not eligible, please keep trying.

2. Wait to be contacted by your local GP led vaccination service

Some GP vaccination services are not using the National Booking System to arrange their appointments. If this is the case for your GP service, they will contact you directly to book your appointment.

3. Attend a walk in session

If you fit the eligible criteria and had your second vaccination over 182 days ago (six months and a week) you can attend any walk in vaccination service near you. No need to book an appointment, you can simply turn up.

No NHS number or ID is required but it does speed things up if you do have your NHS number with you. Health and care workforce will be asked to show their work ID.


  • 8.30- 19.00, Brighton, former Top Shop store, Churchill Square, BN1 2RG, daily Moderna and Pfizer

Saturday 30 October 2021

  • 9.30-13.30 – Portslade Health Centre, Church Rd, Portslade, Brighton BN41 1LX (1st and 2nd doses and boosters)
  • 10.30-14.30 – St Mary Magdalene Church, Selham Drive, Coldean, Brighton, BN1 9EL. Pfizer

Sunday 31 October 2021

  • 9.00-14.30 – Portslade Health Centre, Church Rd, Portslade, Brighton BN41 1LX (1st and 2nd doses and boosters)
  • 10.30-14.30 – Waitrose car park, 130-134 Western Road (car park entrance via Hampton Place), Brighton BN1 3DA. Pfizer

Monday 1 November 2021

  • 09.30-13.30 – Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton, BN2 9XZ. Pfizer
  • 10.30-14.30 – Mill View Hospital, Nevill Avenue, Hove, BN3 7HZ. Pfizer

Tuesday 2 November 2021

  • 09.30-13.30 – Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton, BN2 9XZ. Pfizer
  • 14.30-18.30 – Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton, BN2 9XZ. Pfizer
  • 10.30-14.30 – Conway Court, Clarendon Road, Hove, BN3 3LY. Pfizer

Wednesday 3 November 2021

  • 09.30-13.30 – Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton, BN2 9XZ. Pfizer
  • 10.30-14.30 – St Gorges Hall, 140 Newick Rd, Brighton BN1 9JG. Pfizer
  • 10.30-14.30 – St Cuthman’s Church, Whitehawk Way, Brighton, BN2 5HE. Pfizer

GP led teams visit care homes for Covid-19 boosters in Sussex

As winter approaches, people who are at a high risk of serious illness, including anyone living in a care home for elderly residents, are being offered a Covid-19 booster vaccination to top up their immunity.

GP led teams are visiting care homes across Sussex communities, to deliver Covid-19 booster vaccinations to some of the county’s most vulnerable adults.

The latest data shows that one in five care home residents across Sussex are now protected with their booster ahead of winter and the majority of others have visits booked.

Some homes can’t be visited at this time due to norovirus or Covid outbreaks but dates are being agreed for visits at a safe time for residents.
In total, 20.9% of all residents living in care homes have had their booster after visits over the last three weeks.

More than 37% have also had their flu vaccination, making sure they have boosted their immunity ready for the winter months.

Every care home is expected to have offered a Covid-19 booster to all eligible residents by the beginning of November.

It’s important booster vaccinations are given to those most at risk to prevent them from becoming seriously ill with Covid-19.This is especially important as we head into winter when the threat of catching Covid-19 and flu is greater.

GP led teams are visiting care homes across our communities, supported in places by community teams to administer Covid-19 booster and flu jabs this year. It is an incredible effort as well as providing booster clinics and the day to day work of general practice and so we want to thank all the teams involved for their work to protect our most vulnerable.

You do not have to be a care home resident to be eligible. Anyone aged 50 or over, has a health condition that puts them at risk or lives with someone who is at risk, can receive a booster. Health and social care workers are also eligible.

You can either wait to be contacted by the NHS directly or attend a walk in session to get your additional protection for Covid. Anyone in the eligible groups must be 182 days (six months and one week) past their last Covid vaccination.

Flu vaccinations will be available for eligible groups via GP practices and pharmacies.

Dr Rajesh Pandey, who has been providing vaccinations to Sussex care home residents, said:
“Having a Covid booster will lift your immune system to a certain level that even if the person catches Covid, the infection will not have a brutal impact on the health and the person will get better quicker. It will reduce our hospital admissions and reduce the load on NHS hospitals and general practice.”

Winter Vaccines Explained – with Dr Amir Khan, Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Karan Ranj

Dr Amir Khan, Dr Dawn Harper and Dr Karan Ranj explain why it is more important than ever for people to get their winter vaccines (flu and COVID-19 booster) as soon as possible this autumn as both viruses have the potential to cause serious illness and hospitalisation.

Free transport available for all ages

Want to get your COVID-19 vaccination but don’t have access to transport? We can get you to and from a vaccination service near you for free thanks to our transport scheme.

To book free travel to a vaccination session please book your vaccination appointment or have confirmed plans to attend a walk-in session first. Then call 01444 275008 to speak to a travel coordinator.

The booking service is available between 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm Monday-Friday.

Help us make sure everyone gets their protection this winter

Campaign materials to promote the winter vaccination programme are available for you to use to help us make sure everyone gets their protection.

We brought together all of the vaccinations materials into a Sussex winter vaccination campaign toolkit.

There are also public leaflets available to download and to order about the booster vaccination.
COVID-19 vaccination: a guide to booster vaccination
COVID-19 vaccination: a guide to booster vaccination (print version)

Paper copies of this leaflet are available to order for free or download in the following languages:
AlbanianArabicBengaliBrazilian,PortugueseBulgarianChineseEstonianFarsiGreekGujaratiHindiLatvianLithuanianPanjabiPashtoPolishRomanianRomanyRussianSomaliSpanishTagalogTurkishTwiUkrainianUrdu     and Yiddish.

More information

Much more information about the vaccination programme is available on our website, including details of the services available in each arealatest datastakeholder briefings, answers to frequently asked questions and links to all the national leaflets and materials.

Thank you for your support in helping to keep our local communities updated and informed about this fast-moving and unprecedented vaccination programme.

Find more information about the Sussex COVID-19 vaccination programme