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COVID-19 and Influenza vaccination programme Brighton and Hove update 17 February 2022

Grab a jab this half term

The NHS in Brighton and Hove is urging young people to come forward for their COVID-19 vaccinations this half term.Anyone aged 12 and over can now receive two doses, with anyone aged 16 and over also eligible for a booster.While children and young people have a break from school this week, the NHS is urging families to use this opportunity to make sure they get their vaccine.By being vaccinated, young people can benefit from the best protection against COVID-19 and prevent the transmission of the virus as much as possible.School visits have been taking place across the city, but anyone who missed their school session or was not able to have it at the time can arrange an appointment every day this week on the national booking website.There are lots of available appointments at Brighton’s Churchill Square Vaccination Centre for anyone to come and get their protection during the half term break, People aged between 12 and 15 are eligible for two doses of the COVID vaccine, 12 weeks apart.Anyone aged over 16 can also attend a walk in vaccination session anywhere in Brighton and surrounding areas or arrange an appointment on the national booking website.People over 16 are eligible for two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, 8 weeks apart.On average 62% of the Brighton’s 12 – 15 year olds have had a first dose of the vaccine, while 70% of 16-17s have had at least one vaccination, but there is still more work to be done to get the city’s young people fully protected.Anyone aged under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or carer who can provide consent for them to receive their vaccination.Find out more about the vaccination programme on the Sussex Health and Care Partnership website

Vaccine given to children aged 5 to 11 years old at most risk

Parents and carers of children aged between 5 and 11 years old who are most at risk of COVID-19 (or who are a household contact of someone who is immunosuppressed), are being urged to book their child in for their vaccination as soon as they are invited toMore than 6,200 eligible children are being offered the protection of vaccination Sussex, and vaccination teams are currently contacting families and arranging their appointments at specific clinics for this age group.Parents and carers are being advised to wait for the NHS to contact them for when it is their child’s turn to get the vaccine.As part of the local vaccination programme, vaccination services across Sussex are holding dedicated sessions by appointment for children and their families to come and get vaccinated.The team at Eastbourne’s Sovereign Harbour Community Centre vaccination service are going the extra mile to make it as easy as possible for families to help their children receive their life saving vaccinations. The staff from South Downs Health and Care GP Federation have dressed up and have decorated the centre with balloons, bubbles and pictures of their favourite Disney characters, to make the centre a welcoming place for children to help put them at ease.  Meet the superheroes vaccinating vulnerable children against Covid | ITV News Meridian

Expansion of the vaccination programme to healthy 5 to 11 year olds

 On Wednesday, 16 February, the government announced that all 5 to 11 year olds will be offered the COVID-19 vaccination.This follows a recommendation from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) that all 5 to 11 year olds should be offered two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech paediatric vaccine. The two doses should be given with an interval of at least 12 weeks between doses. Although this age group is generally at very low risk of serious illness from the virus, a very small number of children who get infected do develop severe disease. Latest evidence suggests that offering the vaccine ahead of another potential wave will protect this very small number of children from serious illness and hospitalisation – and will also provide some short-term protection against mild infection across the age group. The recommendation should not displace the delivery of other non-COVID-19 childhood vaccinations, or any other part of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. For example, uptake of some non-COVID-19 childhood vaccination programmes, such as MMR and HPV vaccinations, have been affected by the pandemic. The committee has advised that the addition of a COVID-19 vaccine rollout to this age group should not impact the recovery of these programmes. In Sussex, the local NHS has been discussing the potential for this age group to be offered the vaccination and have been working to develop plans for delivery. This is not yet live, and there will be further national announcements of when this vaccination will be offered. Parents are urged not to contact their GP practice to ask about these vaccinations; more information will be shared soon.The NHS in Sussex would like to hear from parents, carers and guardians of children in this age group to understand where you would prefer to take them for their vaccination. This will inform planning for the offer of the vaccine to this age group. Find out more.

Walk-in vaccinations available across city

Walk-in clinics for COVID-19 vaccinations are taking place regularly across  Brighton and Hove to allow as many people as possible to access the vaccines.You don’t need an appointment, and you can simply turn up to receive your vaccination.Every day

  • Brighton, Churchill Square vaccination centre, Russell Place, BN1 2RG. (entrance opposite Marks and Spencer on Western Road) 08.30-19.30

Saturday 19 February 2022

  • 10.30-14.30 – Lewes Road United Reform Church, Saunders Park Rise, Brighton, BN2 4EU

Monday 21 February 2022

  • 13.30-17.00 – Old Boat Community Centre, Carden Hill, Brighton, BN1 8GN

Sunday 20 February 2022

  • 10.30-14.30 – Waitrose store car park, 130-134 Western Road, (entrance to car park on Hampton Place), Brighton, BN1 2LA

Wednesday 23 February 2022

  • 10.00-15.30 – Tesco Superstore, Church Road, Hove, BN3 2DL

Find out more about the Walk-in vaccination sessions on the Sussex Health and Care Partnership website.

More information

Much more information about the vaccination programme is available on our website, including details of the services available in each arealatest datastakeholder briefings, answers to frequently asked questions and links to all the national leaflets and materials.Thank you for your support in helping to keep our local communities updated and informed about this fast-moving and unprecedented vaccination programme.Find more information about the Sussex COVID-19 vaccination programme