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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Transfer of St Luke’s patients to Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice 

Questions and Answer for patients
  What is the change? 

  Patients at St Luke’s Surgery in Saltdean will be transferred over to Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice, which is in the same building. 

 Who has proposed this change? 

  St Luke’s Surgery does not have a permanent GP and after careful consideration, Sussex Primary Care, which currently runs St Luke’s Surgery, has taken the decision to give notice on its contract, and all St Luke’s patients will transfer to Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice. 

Why are the GP Partners making this change? 

 As you may already be aware, St Luke’s Surgery does not have a permanent GP. Therefore, it has been decided to offer patients a permanent solution through the Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice. The change is viewed as the most sensible and viable way to ensure ongoing provision of sustainable general practice services in the area in the future.

This approach is supported by the Clinical Commissioning Group (who commission Primary Care services in the city).   

This way, first rate, sustainable GP services can continue to be provided to the local community and the healthcare needs of the patient population will be met in an improved way.   

What do I need to do now? 

  You do not need to do anything; your registration will automatically transfer over, as will your patient records. This will take place on Wednesday 1 June 2022 

However, if you would prefer to transfer to a different surgery, please contact your choice of GP direct. Please refer to this list of Brighton & Hove GP surgeries 

Will my access to GP services change? 

St Luke’s continues to be open and appointments will continue to be available. Please bear with us while we go through the transition process.

As a patient at Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice, you will be able to receive care from the permanent GPs based at Saltdean surgery. You will also have a choice of male and female GPs and access to a wider range of services.   

How can I give my input into the changes? 

  We understand that you may have suggestions or questions about these changes.  If you would like to contact us, please do so on the following: 

Please do not include personal medical information/clinical requests in any correspondence. 

Please note that we will not be able to provide individual responses to all queries. Your input will be taken and summarised and used as the basis for our future decision making.  

What will the impact of the proposed changes be on patients? 

  Patients will have access to a wider range of services and specialist clinics – please see the Saltdean and Rottingdean website for further information here: 

Patients will be seen in a modern, fit for purpose medical centre in the same location as their current surgery. 

Patients will be able to see permanent, GPs rather than locum (temporarily contracted) doctors, ensuring better continuity of care. 

What will happen to my medical records? 

 Your medical records are electronic and will securely be transferred automatically. 

 Will I still be able to see my usual GP?  

  St Luke’s surgery is currently being staffed by locum (temporary contracted) doctors. 

When patients are transferred to Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice, they will be able to access care from permanent doctors who are able to offer better continuity of care (i.e. the patient can choose to see the same doctor). You will also have a choice of male and female GPs and access to a wider range of services.   

I have several health conditions and am worried that the new doctors will not be aware of my medical history. What should I do? 

  If you have a complex condition, or are a vulnerable patient, we aim to ensure that you receive the best possible care from your new GP.   

From now until the transfer, you will continue to be able to access GP appointments and care for your medication needs through St Luke’s.  

Following the change, you will still have access to regular appointments, prescriptions and medication from the same building. Your medical records will be passed to your new GP and they will be aware of your medical history. 

However, it would be helpful if you can mention to your new doctor any if you have any particular requirements. For example if you are hearing impaired and require receptionists to behave in a way that makes it easier for you to lip-read. A note can be added to your records, if this has not already been done.  

When will these changes take place? 

  St Luke’s surgery will close on Tuesday 31 May 2022. Patients will officially be transferred over to the system at Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice on from 1 June 2022.  

I am a registered patient at Saltdean and Rottingdean Surgery, how will access to GP Services be impacted by the patient list increasing? 

  Brighton and Hove CCG (BHCCG) will support Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice to take on the patients, with funding for improvements to support the transfer of patients. 

The plan for the patient lists to come together is supported by the GP partners at Saltdean and Rottingdean Medical Practice and Sussex Primary Care and is not the result of any CCG funding cuts or reorganisation plans.  Your care will not be negatively impacted.